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Find your prospective customers and generate
sales leads at any locality or pincode level across India.
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Indiacom Data Solutions

Data Mapping

Providing Geographic Information System (GIS) mapped data for geo-sensitive business applications

Data Cleansing

Avoid operational issues, bad customer experiences by using our cleaned, duplicate free, accurate and updated data

Data Enrichments

Provide rich insights to your customers, leap ahead of the competition, using our data with additional insights

Data Mining

Increase your business by understanding meaningful user and business patterns and characteristics across 3000+ categories pan-India

Data Validations

Increase customer connect and engagement by filtering bad data, ensuring higher accuracy using our data verification and validation services

Overall Data Management

Grow your business ,keep your sales lead funnel full and get access to latest in Data and insights powered by AI.

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Category Wise Deep Data Insights

Accurate, Diverse and Updated Data across all categories. We provide IP protected deep data to meet your diverse needs in Data Driven Marketing and help your business to stay ahead of competitors.

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Website
  • Phone No.
  • Geo location
  • Email id
  • Employees
  • Working Hours
  • Contact Person Name
  • Hospitals- Number of Beds etc
  • And Much Much More..

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