Hyperlocal Insights Reports

Whether you are a franchisor deciding where to set up your next store - or an advertising or events management agency planning out your next offline activity - or a digital marketing agency planning out your online outreach - or an ecommerce store analyzing your cash on delivery orders that were returned/damaged - Indiacom Hyperlocal Insights Reports give you a detailed breakdown of customer geographic, demographic and socio-economic conditions at the granularity of pincode and/or locality for any part of India.

Why Hyperlocal Insights Reports ?

Our patent pending methodology and machine learning algorithms help analyze multidimensional hyperlocal data into customized, actionable reports that we provide you on a periodic basis to enable you make those critical business decisions.
Millions of data points (including snapshots across time) are aggregated from a variety of sources, including real time signals to derive meaningful insights on localities, consumers and businesses that we then translate into a Indiacom Locality Score for your business objective.

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